Lucknow is a city synonymous with the Nawabi Culture. The imperialistic splendour and magnificence of the Nawabi Era has been glorified and eulogized down the ages by writers, poets and historians alike.

At the same time its mystical elegance and amorous ethos has caught the fascination of many world famous romantics. Known for its Adab and Tehzeeb (cultural refinement), Lucknow is also associated with its legendary hospitality, leisurely moods of life, fabled edifices steeped in history, world renowned cuisine and exquisite Sham-e-Avadh. Tremors of time have not effaced Lucknow of its cultural heritage and traditions, which once contributed in creating the city incomparable in its times.

Lucknow's buildings show different styles of architecture with the majority built during British or Mughal rule. More than half of these buildings lie in the old part of the city. Among the extant architecture there are religious buildings such as Imambaras, mosques, and other Islamic shrines as well as secular structures such as enclosed gardens, baradaris, and palace complexes.

Vehicle Seating Capacity Half Day Tour Full Day Tour
Indica 4 +1 RS. 1200/- RS. 1600/-
Indigo 4 +1 RS. 1600/- RS. 2000/-
Etios/Dzire 4 +1 RS. 1800/- RS. 2200/-
Maruti Ertiga 6 +1 RS. 2200/- RS. 2600/-
Toyota Innova 6 +1 RS. 2400/- RS. 3000/-